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MK24 - Yamaha XS650 ZERO STRETCH LOOP (1971-1982)

MK24 - Yamaha XS650 ZERO STRETCH LOOP (1971-1982)

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The MK24 Hardtail features a loop axle plate and the retro appearance as requested by so many.  Simple enough to install without the use of a professional jig.  Axle plates are mounted flush to the inside of the frame allowing the use of the stock XS650 rear axle.

Use our SNAIL CAM adjusters or fabricate your own.  The included brake stay tab also allows the use of the stock brake drum.

Use the same instructions as the MK21 for the Yamaha XS650:


Drop: 1.50 "

Stretch: 0 "
Axle Slot: 20mm x 65mm 
Reqd Axle: Stock XS

LENGTH: 26 "
WIDTH: 11 "
HEIGHT: 22 "
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